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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Following recent government advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic we have the tough decision to temporarily cancel all regular maintenance visits and operations until further notice.

We will ensure all current customers will receive a phone call and where required fish food will be posted to you.

Be assured we are only a phone call away if you experience any problems and we look forward to seeing you as soon a government advice allows but in the meantime, stay safe and carry on.

Seefish (Bruce and Connie)

Aquarium Services from Seefish

Here at Seefish, our aim is simple, It’s our job to keep your fish tank beautiful and your fish healthy, yours is to feed and enjoy watching them swim. It really is as simple as that. With our aquarium design, installation, maintenance, cleaning and rental services, Seefish brings you the joy of fish keeping without the work.

Aquarium Maintenance DevonWhere as watching fish swim has been medically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and stimulate your brain activity.

Seefish offers comprehensive services for dealing with your fish and aquarium. We are able to develop flexible maintenance programs to work around your schedule, and we are always available should an emergency arise.

Routine maintenance such as cleaning out filters, ensuring the aquarium equipment is working properly and general all round cleaning can take time and effort. This is where we at Seefish come in. Our years of experience and working methods mean that your tank and fish will remain at their best all the time.

We provide a monthly service booked in advance. The visit occurs around the same date each month when the aquarium is cleaned and decor replenished when necessary to maintain maximum visual appeal. Fish and live plant are added when required and all foods and equipment are delivered ready for you to use… need anything? We will deliver it free of charge.. No more trips down the town because you are out of food!

Aquarium Installation DevonHere at Seefish we pride ourselves on preventative maintenance. Equipment is replaced prior to it going wrong, water changes, filter cleaning and selection of filters made on a tank-by-tank basis. We use what we know works and not because it is the latest fad! All this means your display is constantly superb and never looks an eye sore which reflects badly on its location

Seefish is a full service aquarium maintenance company, specializing in all types of aquatic ecosystems. We offer sales and service of freshwater and marine aquariums in both commercial and residential settings. Seefish has extensive experience in providing aquarium installations for commercial customers including surgery waiting rooms, hospitals, care homes, offices etc. We focus on working closely with you or your contractors through all stages of design, construction and installation.

Seefish offers a variety of different maintenance plans to suit the needs of any aquarium on any budget.

Aquarium Maintenance

  • Corporate and private maintenance for Freshwater  aquariums
  • Freshwater aquarium installation for corporate and private customers
  • Aquarium rental
  • Aquarium servicing
  • Tank moves
  • Setup of new equipment (filters, heaters etc.)
  • Advice
  • Fish Tank Repair
  • Holiday cover of any period
  • One off rebuilds
  • Stocking
  • Fish tank design
  • Equipment supplies
  • No tank size is beyond us, from 20 gallon nano tanks to full shop systems.


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